Where Ya BEEN?

So where I’ve been – it’s what you’re wondering – right?

Well, right after I wrote about my Guilty Pleasures of 2009, I got sick. Really sick. Like I should’ve been in a hospital because I was hacking up stuff not from this earth.  And it sucked because my husband really couldn’t get off of work and my mother lives too far to just get in a car and come over (funny how we regress to wanting our mommys once we’re not so fucking invincible, eh?).  So I leaned on my amazing friends – like Rhonda, Shani, and Anne – to help get my kids to and from school, and Sweet Pea and even Drama Queen pitched in and cleaned up some of their own shit for a change and got me ginger ale and tissues and kept themselves entertained.

Let me tell you something, it meant a lot. Really.  Because you know it was bad if I was too far gone to shoot my mouth off via my blog.

So, what’s been going on since then?  Well, I finally took my stubborn ass down to urgent care and got myself some antibiotics. Funny how someone like me who luvs her pills will procrastinate going to the doctor when it comes to medicine she actually needs.

Once you go Vicodin, you never go back. And Augmentin ain’t the same. But it eventually cut through the goobly goblins and had me well enough to schlep down to Carolina for Christmas. Because this Jew just loves her some Red and Green merriment. And while I was still not really right, I have been getting better everyday.

Expect me to have some catching up to do.  There have been lots of questions coming in, and I will get to them. So don’t jump off a bridge or anything ’til then, ok?

Thanks 🙂


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