Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Guilty Pleasures of 2009: The Songs


I really can’t believe I’m going to admit to the following, but I was recently inspired by my doppleganger crew at Pajiba, who came up with yet another hysterical random list of their Top Guilty Movie Pleasures for 2009.  Well, I’ve got plenty of those too, but since this here is (ahem) supposedly a music site – although admittedly not a lot of music of late – I figured I too would be brave and come out of the Sucky Song Closet. 

Dustin, TK, Stacey (I’m thinking that butterfly sweatshirt), Nicole…it’s all your faults:

10. Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No.”

YOU try living with a tween and a wanna-be tween who play this on a continuous loop and see if you don’t start humming along in spite yourself.  It’s catchy as hell.

9. Owl City’s “Fireflies”

Just when you thought Minnesota could be cool (think home base to Prince and independent magazine, Utne Reader) here comes Adam Young with his mop head and lap top ruining it all.  He’s cheerful and bouncy and just-so-godamn-glad-to-meet-ya! – and I like it all in spite of myself.  What can I say? It help offset the Seasonal Affective Disorder.

8. Kris Allen’s “Heartless”

I can’t stand American Idol and I personally thought that Adam Lambert was robbed by not winning this year.  That said, I thought Kris Allen’s live version of Kayne West’s “Heartless” was a killer.  Unfortunately, the version sold through iTunes was this orchestra-laden sap track. It didn’t have half the heart and soul of the one I saw on the show. And for me to say that anything coming out of Idol had a pulse is as close as I’m ever going to get with dancing with the corporate devil.

7. Katy Perry’s “Hot n Cold”

Katy Perry Esquire 1

She’s just so friggin adorable, I can’t stand it.  And you can dance to her music too.  I can see what Russell Brand sees in her. Fur sure 😉

6. Colbie Caillat’s “Fallin’ for You”

I know, I know…she’s like the Jennifer Aniston of the music business.  Sweet and light and oh-so-vanilla.  But what the hell, sometimes I like a little extra saccarine in my coffee.

5.  John Mayer’s “Who Says”

John Mayer - 2007 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Party

Oy, what a douche bag.  But it’s oh so true when I say I hate myself for loving you. Or at least your music. God help me.

4.  Susan Boyle’s “I Dreamed a Dream”

Susan Boyle

Yeah, yeah…she’s just this side of dumpy, which frankly made her rendition of this song all the more effective. Think about it. The song’s about a washed up single mom who has been beaten down by life. You look at her singing that song and damn it, you believe every word outta that bitch’s mouth!

3.  Any Song Off the TV Show “Glee”


This show not only made loving musical theater hip, but actually transformed such guilty pleasures of the past – like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Belivin'” – into a 2009 Top Ten hit.  That’s some powerful stuff – plus they feature original Broadway cast member, Lea Michaels, from “Spring Awakening” as the Jewess temptress. And I luv that.

2. All Music from Both the “Twilight” and “New Moon” Soundtracks

The movie was as hypnotic as a 10-car pile up, and the books – I hear – aren’t worthy of gracing one’s bathroom throne.  But color me in sparkles because I love the music featured on both soundtracks.  It’s kick-ass emo for a new generation of sop-heads. Go figure.

1. Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”

Did Miley Cyrus delete her Twitter account because of love?

I can’t believe…let me repeat….I can’t BA-LEEVE….I’m admitting to this, but when I had to take my Sweet Pea to see that God-forsaken Hannah Montana movie – which sucked – the one part that got to me was her singing this song. I actually got a lil’ misty.  And folks, I have no earthly good explanation for it.  Maybe I was premenstrual.  Perhaps I was caught up in my daughter’s excitement. I don’t know. But it’s obvious I need serious help.



16 responses to “Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Guilty Pleasures of 2009: The Songs

  1. 6. Colbie Caillat’s “Fallin’ for You”

    Ok, I admit it! I love this song! You devil woman.

  2. Finally, someone ELSE comes out of the stinky song closet with me.

  3. I just want to say there is no shame in loving ‘Glee’. I don’t even like musicals and I love it. And the Twilight soundtracks have some good songs as well. But Miley? Am I going to have to come and rescue you from whatever spell they’ve cast on you?

  4. I’ve listened to Taylor Swift’s Love Story more times than I care to admit. I’m a 25 year old feminist and yet I love that song. And I also am with you on Hot ‘N Cold.

  5. Ya see? Loving a song is like loving that loser guy who’s amazing in bed. The heart wants what it wants…

  6. Two problems: One, the Twilight soundtracks feature Thom Yorke, Justin Vernon, St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, and a whole bunch of other awesome bands, Muse notwithstanding, so calling it a “guilty pleasure” is cheating.

    Two, the rest of this list sucks, and Owl City can suck on my dong.

  7. Um yeah, I know the list sucks. That’s the point. And anything associated with Twilight automatically counts as a guilty pleasure because the movies suck so badly.

    Which is probably more action than that limp noodle of yours ever gets.

  8. I have a list of songs on my Ipod for songs I love, but am too embarrassed to play in front of other people. HotNCold is at the top of it.

  9. And “The Climb” is number five:) (And I don’t even have kids, so I’ve got no excuse.)

  10. Those are some serious guilty pleasures there, Bitchy Minxa.

    I’ve never heard Taylor Swift actually sing, but I pretend she sounds like Carrie Underwood. Not bad, but don’t need to hear any more either.

    Colbie who? Owl what? My kids aren’t that old, I suppose.

    A thing about glee: This show has unfortunately jumped the shark for me. Love the songs, but they’re too canned now (unlike in the beginning) so it basically sounds like anyone could be singing them. Also, once a show establishes a plot-line, shouldn’t it follow it for, you know, at least two shows in a row. Finally, my high school experience wasn’t even close to being this Godawful depressing.

    And what’s up with your Facebook photo??

  11. D –
    LOL…I totally get your issues with “Glee” -and my Facebook photo…lighting a cigar with a Menorah is just my attempt at being subversive about religion in general. Especially during the holiday season.

    Gypsy Rules – The more of us who admit the guiltly stuff, the less power it has. I am convinced. Thanks for reading!

  12. Yeah I gotta cop to loving Taylor Swift. The ending to Love Story makes me smile all mushy-like.

    Glee is pretty awesome too. I never really liked the song when it was done by Journey but throw in some Lea? Hells yeah. That gals voice gives me major goosebumps without fail. LOVE her.

  13. I’d never even heard of The Climb until the Grammy controversy happened. Then I listened to it, and it’s … not terrible. Better than I would’ve expected of Hannah Montana, anyway.

  14. i love girls just want to have fun and ive got a autition for a musical

  15. oi, sou sua fã numeru 1
    te amo !!!!!!!!!! miley cyrus

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