Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Confession #24: I Got You, Babe.

I know it’s not my man’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. It’s just the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I’m having a particularly un-Mix & Bitch moment…meaning, I’m feeling the love. The sentimental.  In other words, the stuff that makes most of you roll your eyes. Too fucking bad, because I think it’s, like, trés important to express the love you have for people.

So in that spirit, I’m going to, like, totally rip off something another blogger friend of mine did for the love of his life.  Enjoy the schmaltz…

The Reasons Why I Love You…

I love that you bring me coffee in bed every morning…even though I dig the cologne you wear (I picked it out) I actually prefer the smell of your skin – there’s nothing else in the world like it…the way you smile with your eyes more than your mouth…your strong hands…how the best traits in our kids are thanks to you…your blue eyes…the bunny fuzz on your ears…I dig the gray hair, even though you hate it…how you used to put on a new piece of Miami Dolphins clothing everytime they started playing badly because you thought it would give the team good mojo (I miss that you don’t believe in that magic anymore)…I am unduly amused by your slightly overprotective nature…your love for bad 80s movies…the fact you were born in the wrong century…your geeky sword collection…how you love Southern rock…the way you wrestle with the girls…your ever-growing verbal talents and social skills…your dislike of people in general, but your kindness with people you know…how you taught me the benefit of the doubt and the beauty of optimism…your need for symmetry…your mad mad math skills…your ability to fix anything…your ass in jeans…the look of love in your eyes when I’ve fed you…how you make me feel like the hottest woman in the room even when I’m not…your irrational affection for all things carbohydrate in nature…the way you shake your head when you sing…your Al Gore-style of dancing…that you try so hard…the way your mind works…that you’re more of a snuggler than I am…how you taught me the value of action over words…that you honestly don’t give a shit if people like you or not…the fact that you always put the seat down…your salmon recipe…how you always keep your promises…the pride you have in your metal sculpture “art”…your trusting nature and patience…showing me what unconditional love looks like in the everyday…I love you.  Always.


4 responses to “Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Confession #24: I Got You, Babe.

  1. This time of year really makes you realize how much you love someone… thanks for sharing, Mixy. I am off to copy as well! ~A

  2. I love this. I so, so love this.

  3. The Geeky Sword Collector

    The coffee is a small price to pay for all of the joy you being to my life. You are the best wife, mother, and friend. I love you!

  4. See ladies? If ya bug ’em enough, you get what you want.

    Thanks, honey.

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