Mid-Morning Funny: An Ode to Whole Paycheck, Er I Mean Whole Foods


My version of porn these days…cheeses and exotic mushrooms….oooohhhh…..


I’m a big fan of The Huffington Post, not only for its often salient, punch-ya-in-the-gut take on the world, but also for the audacity of former Republican Arrianna Huffington’s balls…how she expouses the liberal creed like a native yet essentially runs a feudal lordship online ‘cuz she doesn’t pay 95% of the people who write for her publication.  That’s just craftiness I can get behind. You go girl!

Another outfit which I love in spite of myself is Whole Foods – often lovingly referred to in my household as Whole Paycheck.  I don’t go there on a regular basis (Trader Joe’s offer much of the same kind of  organic, sustainable growth fair for a quarter of the price), but I do visit on two occassions: when I want the good artisan cheese for company and when I get homesick for San Francisco.  Because no matter which Whole Foods you walk into, you may as well have landed yourself in Northern California. It’s just that self-righteous and crunchy 😉 

Anyhoo, Chris Holt wrote a hysterical piece about Whole Foods for Huff Post and I had to share it with you…a piece I’m sure he will never get a dime out of Ms. Arianna for, btw:

The Huffington Post:  Chris Holt:  Dispatches from The Whole Foods Produce Aisle.



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