Top Ten Things about Being A Little Overweight Which Actually Rules

10.  I’m not stressing over that extra handful of Halloween candy I had this weekend.  It was sticky. It was sweet. And it was gooood.

09.  I order the stuff on the menu that I actually want to eat and not the grass clippings I used to.

08.  I’m aging beautifully. And I’m saving a ton of money on wrinkle cream I don’t need to buy.

07.  All the time I would be spending at the gym is now spent with friends over wine. Lots of wine.

06.  I actually eat real food. Without fat free, flavor-faked, chemical-enhanced crap. 

05.  I’m almost always in a good mood. That’s cause I’m not a cranky, half-starved bitch like your wife.

04.  I almost never hear my daughters talk about their bodies.  And when they do, they love what they see.  Some of their friends with more weight-obsessed mothers aren’t so lucky. 

03.  My husband loves to grab on and enjoy the ride. Enough said.

02.  I’ve got quite the rack now.  I haven’t seen my husband this excited since I started bringing home fresh baked bread.

01. I have discovered no matter what my size, I’m still hot, and that comes from being around long enough to know who I am.  And that’s priceless.


14 responses to “Top Ten Things about Being A Little Overweight Which Actually Rules

  1. I love you. Thank you for this : )

  2. Brilliant and beautiful! Well said.

  3. Did… did you just call my wife a bitch?

  4. TK,

    Is she cranky? Then give her a sandwich 😉

    To Sarah and Spender,

    Blush, blush…

  5. Awesome.

  6. Yessssssssss…I needed 10 new reasons not to freak out over being…er…much curvier than I’ve ever been! Thanks!

  7. Well said.

    The cranky skinny girls need to eat a cheese sandwich. With mayonnaise. Do ’em good. 😀

  8. The bigger the cushion and all that, eh?

    Weights overrated. Gimme a confident woman and I’m alright.

  9. You’re like my ultimate wing man, Duane. Always there with the right thing to say.

  10. Sometimes you can just be skinny without, you know…being a starving bitch. I second Duane’s sentiment. I really wish fat acceptance didn’t rely so strongly on picking on ze skinny chicks and assuming none of us eat. How about “things about not hating/not caring about your body size that actually rule?”

  11. Umm, I’ve always thought you were hot. And I want to be you when I grow up.

  12. Kate,

    Oh, so you’re one of the skinny ones who eats whatever she wants and still can’t gain a pound?Next you’ll tell me you’re a natural blonde too. Oy some get all the genetic luck…in all seriousness, Kate, I’m just being snarky. There’s no hate here…just a velvet envy at worst 🙂

  13. And Nicole? You complete me.

  14. I’m somewhere in between – never as skinny as I was but happy with what I see in the mirror.

    I completely second the notion that what you relate to your daughters about how you feel about yourself is the best way to guide them. My mom never said anything but “I like every age and I’m happy.” No over analyzation or drama.

    BTW, I have been having a love affair with butter my whole life. Life is too short to skimp on the good stuff. You will never find low fat or non-fat in my house.

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