Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Rant: Are Rock Stars Too Smart for Scientology?


Scientology didn’t give Katie Holmes quite the career boost she was counting on, now did it?

So earlier in the week, film director Paul Haggis – a long, devoted Scientologist – disavowed himself from his pyramid scheme of a religion, mostly due to the organization’s lack of action against anti-gay legislative initiatives.  And my first reaction was “that’s what finally got him to jump ship and not all of the other bat-shit crazy stuff the cult  proclaims?” To each his own, I say. 

You know, I expect actors and directors to fall for the over-the-top declarations of a meglomaniacal science writer who’s been quoted as saying the best way to make some money is to start a religion…they live in Los Angeles for Christ’s sake…where even alien-inspired immortality is possible (L. Ron Hubbard’s words, not mine).  I’m not entirely convinced that some of them haven’t sold their souls to the Horned One/Tom Cruise in order to further their careers.  Beats having to blow Harvey Weinstein, that’s for sure.

So color me incredulous, but I expect more out of my rock stars/musicians than to fall for the likes of Scientology.  I guess I think of those in the music business as being a bit more jaded and savvy, and therefore not as likely to fall for L. Ron Hubbard’s dianetic debacle of a faith.  But I was wrong.  So wrong.  Take a look at the following in the music business who claim to be – gulp – Scientologists:

Ok, some of them you already know like…

Lisa Marie Presley (they can have her. No big loss)

Isaac Hayes (who’s dead and gone – guess he didn’t get high enough in

the organization to achieve Immortal Status, hmm?)

But did you know that Chaka Khan is one?

And Brandy?

Along with Dave Davies from The Kinks? THE KINKS???

Scientology can also lay claim to Rob Thomas, Doug E. Fresh

And last – and the one that breaks my heart the most….


Sigh. You’re just too cool for Scientology. And supposedly, too intelligent and hip and funny to fall for a raging lunatic’s delusion of grandeur scheme. 

There were others before you, Beck, who had fallen for the Dianetic Diatribe, but came out the other side.  Here’s a list of former musician Scientologist who just….who just….stopped taking drugs long enough to realize what they’d gotten themselves into….they are:

Liz Phair

Leonard Cohen

Gloria Gaynor

Courtney Love (and psst, if you know that Scientology was too crazy for Courtney Love, then MAN, it must be WHACK)

Al Jarreau (what’s with all the black people in Scientology? Do they get a discount on auditing sessions or something?)

Lou Rawls

Van Morrison (yep. Really).

Hey Church of Scientology…you can keep all the rest of them, but please, not Beck.  And one last word on the subject…


8 responses to “Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Rant: Are Rock Stars Too Smart for Scientology?

  1. Rob Thomas is most decidedly NOT a Scientologist. When wrongly accused of having an affair with Tom Cruise he stated that he was more offended that people thought he was a Scientologist than that he was gay.

  2. Well, looky here….

    Rob Thomas DOES have a fan!

  3. It is so depressing when you find out someone you respected (or at the very least enjoyed ogling) is a cult member. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Having been an actor myself for many years I can attest that no people on earth are as pathetic and insane when it comes to A) attention and B) validation. Hello Scientology.

  4. Yeah, but Duane…you’re a regular over here at MTT, which means you’re naturally skeptical and brilliant.

    Wow…that was narcissistic of me…

    Anyway, carry on…

  5. Beck is an unfortunate case, but he comes by it honestly. His mother was some kind of scientology midwife or something, so he’s a second generation kook. Though “scientology” seems like something he would say through a voice synthesizer and not like something he would actually participate in.

    Beck simply proves my theory that religion, like nationality/patriotism, is little more than an accident of birth.

  6. Thank you for validating and attending to my emotional needs.

    Hey, I want a icon little thingy. I don’t like a doile representin’ me.

  7. Honestly. How is any one surprised that Beck is involved in Scientology? He is more than a little loopy. ( I will admit I didn’t think he was quite this loopy)

    And now a quote from “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”
    “Rob Thomas? Ewwwww.”

  8. mrcartoonster

    You should give Beck a break. His parents were Scientologists. So he didn’t join, he was born into it.

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