Oprah Can Suck It: Join Pajiba’s Cannonball II Read

For those who proclaim print is dead, I say “Foolish ones! Have you not heard of the Cannonball Read at Pajiba dot com?”  And then most of you will scratch and shake your heads ‘no’, and I will heavily sigh in that dramatic fashion I always do when I’m being patronizing, and point you in the direction of literacy and self-betterment all in the name of a good cause.

I’ve lost you, haven’t I?  Ok, so here’s the story:  The Cannonball Read is a division of the hugely popular, incredibly bitchy site (yes, they are my mother ship) Pajiba (see blogroll on right).  Anyway, last year they pretty much dared their pop culture-obsessed readers to put down their remotes and movie popcorn and actually READ A BOOK.  100 to be exact, and they had a year to do it.  And after reading each book, they’d write a brief review for Pajiba about it. 

They’re continuing the tradition this year, except it’s Queen Bee Newly Crowned Leader, Ms. Nicole Fuscia, at the helm now and she has par down the requirement to 52 books.  That’s a book a week, not so bad, eh?

Ok, so here’s the sad part: one of the originators of Cannonball was this funky cool chick who went by the handle “Alabama Pink.”  She was funny and irreverent, with a great husband and little baby, and she died last year from leukemia, I believe.  Admittedly, I wasn’t that involved with Pajiba at that time and never got a chance to virtually know her, but the Pajiba family sure never forgot her.  So, for anyone who reads and reviews all 52 books, they will make a contribution in that Cannonballer’s name to the Little Pink Growing Up Smart Scholarship Fund.

The reading starts Sunday, November 1st.  Follow along at Pajiba dot com.


5 responses to “Oprah Can Suck It: Join Pajiba’s Cannonball II Read

  1. I must be an incredibly slow reader. I’m lucky if I get through a book a month. Granted, they’re big books (currently reading Team of Rivals) but that doesn’t seem to deter some Pajibabites.

    Well, what the hell … the old college try and all that .. harrumph, harrumph.

  2. Dang . . . a book a week? What a great memorial! I would like to go on record as saying that I would like to inspire people to read a book a week when I am dead also. That being said, as a full-time teacher and parent of two, a book a week is not within my margin of time at this point. Does “Good Night Moon” count??

  3. Aw C’MON ON Andrea! You can do it. It’s for a really good cause.

    But no, ‘Good Night Moon’ don’t count. Sorry honey.

    Listen, they all don’t have to be ‘War & Peace’ – just something that at least your high school or college teachers would assign.

    And Duane, I knew I could count on you 😉

  4. We’ve all just been put to shame by this herculean effort:


  5. Alright, listen, it is totally a good cause and I really love the idea. So I will *desperately* make a solid attempt. I already have my first book picked out (and it has zombies in it — hooray!). But be ready to pick up the pieces when I fall shamefully short and consider myself a failure all over again. 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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