Ten Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for 2009

Marilyn Manson – a guy who grew up 10 minutes from me, btw – once said that Halloween is for posers, that people like him live ‘in perpetual otherness’ everyday of the year and don’t need a holiday to get his freak on.  He got that one right.  Since taking MY meds, I haven’t lived in ‘perpetual otherness’ for years (wink) but still get a kick out of those who do.

So in delicious anticipation for this Saturday (Halloween,  you fools) I’ve put together the Top Ten Most Ridiculously Inappropriate Costumes for this year…


Because nothing says you’re raising your little man right than dressing him up like a pimp. Righteous role modeling.


Because nothing shows good planning for your future like dressing up as a suicide bomber.


Imagine going trick or treating with your kids and this guy opens the door?




“Because when I grow up, I want to be a French-maid-dressing WHORE for my ‘daddy’ too!”


Ok, this one’s just cute…

And this one’s really funny…


 Sassy Deceptions 2 cheerleader costume

I actually like the irony here, of a Gothic horror cheerleader.  I would’ve worn this every Halloween if I were a kid.


Actually, after reading that interview with Bronson Pinchot, this one’s feels eerily appropriate.


“Damn STRAIGHT I want my kid dressing up like a leather-daddy cop!”


And lastly, you just can’t beat having your boy dressed up like Adolf Hitler.  Or maybe he’s dressed up like Prince Harry when he wore the same costume a few years back.

Anyway, expect a Halloween mix later this week.


2 responses to “Ten Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for 2009

  1. “I want my kid dressing up like a leather-daddy cop”….that’s just damned sad. And disrespectful to law enforcement too.

    Now, a skin tight denim-clad construction worker, on the other hand, that’s both respectful and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  2. Hahaha! My daughter was the lobster last year! It IS a really cute costume!

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