Ms.Mix’s Picks: Phoenix (The Band, Not the City, Moron)

When I was in college at the University of Miami (that’s Florida, not Ohio, k?) – or should I say when I was in the midst of a major clinical depression while flunking out of said college – there was never a dearth of fellas filled with bravado, hubris, and a few other choice words – bragging about how someday they’re going to travel the world, write great works, and settle on some exotic coast someday.  Anything to tried to get laid, right?  Well, most of those guys are now either working for Daddy (and those are the lucky ones) or trolling hours away in a Dunder Mifflin-esque company in a cubicle the size of their former dorm closets.

But not all of them.  While hanging out on Facebook this afternoon, I had a chance to talk with an old friend of mine…one who certainly had his share of bravado and brass balls, but also had the brains, humor, and insight to back it up. A rarity in South Florida, trust me.  Anyway, he did end up traveling the world and while I don’t peak in his notebooks, he’s at least settled down with an equally cool wife and son off some remote British coast. 

Anyway, he and I have a similar music aesthetic (sp?) and he just introduced me to this band, Phoenix,  playing near him in Bristol this weekend.  If you like Air, Tahiti 80, Kings of Convenience, or Hot Chip, you’ll fit in here just fine.

Click on the word Phoenix for a You Tube video, featuring, “If I Ever Feel Better.”


One response to “Ms.Mix’s Picks: Phoenix (The Band, Not the City, Moron)

  1. hmmm

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