Top Ten Songs of Women Who ROCK

I can’t recall whether I’ve mentioned this to you guys or not, but my older daughter – Sweet Pea – plays electric guitar.  She’s been at it for less than a year, but already she’s going to be performing with her band through the Paul Green School of Rock (are any of your really surprised that I’d send my kids there?). 

Actually, she’s performing tonight and tomorrow night at Ned Devine’s Irish Village Pub in Northern Virginia, so come on by if you want to see the birth of a rock legend 😉

Even though the shows’ rock sub-genre/theme is Southern Rock, I decided to dedicate this post to the Women of Rock-n-Roll.  For without them, there would be no stars in the heavens to light the way for my girl and others like her.

Side A:  The Masters

10.  “Do You Want to Touch Me (Oh Yeah),”  (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)  Fit to Be Tied.

09.  “Black Leather,” (The Runaways)  And Now…The Runaways.

08.  “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,”  (Pat Benatar) Crimes of Passion.

07.  “Magic Man,”  (Heart)  Dreamboat Annie.

06.  “Dancing Barefoot,” (Patti Smith) Waves.

05.  “Edge of Seventeen,” (Stevie Nicks)  Bella Donna.

04.  “Kool Thing,”  (Sonic Youth)  Goo.

03.  “Pretend We’re Dead,” (L7) Bricks are Heavy.

02.  “One Way or Another,” (Blondie)  Parallel Lines.

01.  “Bad Boys Get Spanked,”  (The Pretenders)  Prentenders II.

Side B: The Disciples

10.  “Modern Girl,”  (Sleater-Kinney) The Woods.

09.  “Violet,”  (Hole) Live Through This.

08.  “Rebel Girl,”  (Bikini Kill) Pussy Whipped.

07. “Seether,”  (Veruca Salt) American Thighs.

06. “Whip Smart,” (Liz Phair) Whip Smart.

05. “Naked Eye,” (Luscious Jackson) Fever In Fever Out.

04. “Gold Lion,” (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs) Show Your Bones.

03. “Conflake Girl,” (Tori Amos) Under the Pink.

02. “We Float,” (PJ Harvey) Stories from the City – Stories from the Sea.

01. “Sour Times,” (Portishead)  Dummy.


8 responses to “Top Ten Songs of Women Who ROCK

  1. Bitchin’.

    My all-time favorite Hole song will always be “Gold Dust Woman,” but you can’t go wrong with “Violet” either. Other faves would be “The Teeth Collector” by Pretty Girls Make Graves, anything by Amanda Palmer, and… um… (guiltywhisper) I kinda dig Damone’s first album (/guiltywhisper).

  2. Think of this blog as a haven for guilty pleasures. Have you seen some of the shit I’ve admitting to liking?

    I have no shame.

    After you view those, you’ll realize that liking Damone ain’t such a big thingy.

  3. OK, I’m a wee bit disappointed no Donnas – particularly their cover of Livin’ After Midnight or Hot Pants.

    And, perhaps a nod to the coolest ever Southern Rock chick, Lucinda Williams with “Can’t Let Go.”

    With Liz Phair, “F$ck and Run” is my go to song.

    BTW, great blog!

  4. I know, I know…I was this close to putting The Donnas on there…and I thought about Lucinda, but if you look back on other mixes, I put A LOT of her on them.

    Just trying to mix it up a bit 🙂

  5. Ooohh, I am so jealous of your daughter! Very cool. 🙂

    And also, I have been living my life under the belief that I am the only person alive that will admit to liking Hole. Thank you for relieving my loneliness.

  6. Hole’s a great band. Just because Courtney’s a personal train wreck shouldn’t take away from the fact that she can play.

    And see above: MTT is a haven for “guilty pleasures.” Plus, the cult of cool in music is so thick that it rivals India’s caste system. And there’s nothing “cool” about that.

  7. Great #1 song! Something about her voice oozes rock. Same with Joan Jett’s but, speaking of voices, no Distillers? Brody’s “I got marbles in my mouth” LA warble is great. Too bad they are gone. Spinarette has not won me over yet but I will give them time.

  8. Does she love it? I walk by there all the time and wonder if *my* kid will be musically inclined. She can’t carry a tune in a bucket right now, but I’ll cut her some slack, seeing as she’s five.

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