Start Spreading the News…


Headed to one of my most favorite places in the world – New York City.  Having some family hang time, in honor of my eldest daughter’s 10th birthday. 

More expensive than a party,  but beats having a roomful of squealing tween cupcakes in my house anyday. 

Also has the added benefit for when she’s complaining about something I did or didn’t do right in therapy someday – and honey, we ALL know that day is coming – that I can turn around and say, “Did I NOT take you to New York for your 10th birthday?  When all your friends were having those lame-ass bowling parties, you and I were catching the Wicked show front row and center?  Now really, how bad could I have been, sweet pea?”


Ok, not so new, but you get the idea…


I’m sure that won’t stop her, but a mama can try…

Anyway, I’ll be back at it next week.  Keep the questions coming…


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