Sick of the Politics: Top Ten Songs for Universal Health Care


Dear Ms. Mix & Bitch,

Got a mix to encourage the President on his mission to bring universal health care to all Americans?


A Mama Still for Obama

Dear Mama,

I usually stay away from the political stuff, but shore thang dollface. 

Side A:  Hey Cracker from Carolina, I’m Pissed (Heckle Me Again, and I’ll CUT You)

10. “Uprising,” (Muse)  Uprising – Single.

09. “Bone Broke,”  (The White Stripes) Icky Thump.

08. “Fight the Power,”  (Public Enemy) The Def Jam Recordings, 1985-2001.

07. “God is a Bullet,” (Concrete Blonde) Still in Hollywood.

06. “Shitlist,”  (L7)   Bricks are Heavy.



Side B:  Oh Lordy Lord, Give Me Summa Your Light

05.  “History Repeating,” (Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey) Decksanddrumsandrockandroll.

04. “God Bless the Child,” (Billie Holiday) Autumn in New York.

03. “At Last,” (Etta James)  Etta James: Love Songs.

02. “Feeling Good,” (Nina Simone)  Nina Simone.

01. “A Change is Gonna Come,”  (Sam Cooke)  Sam Cooke: Portrait of a Legend.


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