There’s No Place Like Home: and That’s Not Always a Good Thing.

Forgot to mention that as of today, and for the next week, I’m back in Miami.

For those of you who haven’t followed this blog for a while, I grew up in  South Florida, which for someone like me was fraught with inherent incompatabilities.

While I love the view of the ocean, I hate going to the beach and think I look ‘common’ with a tan.

My life’s entertainment has never begun nor ended with a mall.

I’ve never done any hard drugs.

And I actually think people of different cultures and ethnicities should mix together, and not run further up the coast the minute someone with a native tan moves into their neighborhood.

Oh, and one more thing…neon should never be a decorative element for one’s home or car. Period.

Now, admittedly, I haven’t been back here for many years, so perhaps the aforementioned observations have ameliorated into more nostalgia than facts. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m here for the week, but considering I’m in town for a Bar Mitzvah (wow, can we get even more cliché  around here?) and to see family, I’ll probably continue blogging anyways.  Because I’m not so much abouth the one-on-one like I used to be.

Worth mentioning a major positive I recalled the minute I got off the plane: I’m def grooving on the weather. Left DC with temps in the teens, and emerged into the Florida evening with temps in the high 60s. Perfection.

Of course, my mother-in-law complained she was freezing, so I guess some things never change 😉

Until further notice, kids.


3 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home: and That’s Not Always a Good Thing.

  1. Ack! High 60’s?


    Wait. I’m a llama. With this body hair I would SO not fit in on South Beach…

    …or perhaps I would be the latest trend setter.

    Be well, Ms. Mix.

  2. One of the only bonuses of S. Fl is the weather! N. Fl, on the other hand, is FREEZING still! At least to Fl standards.

  3. Better you than me. 😉

    Hope it’s fun.

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