Crazy Is as Crazy Does


Dear Miss Mix & Bitch,
It’s very simple.  It’s the classic case of I like a boy.  The boy likes me.  My friends don’t like him.  The only catch is, there are actual reasons as to why they don’t like him.  He’s done some things in the past that no one would be proud of, he’s got 2 children already, he just got out of prison, and he battled a drug addiction previously (he swears to me now that he’s clean), Also he’s not what one would ‘mentally stable’.  In fact, he’s diagnosed with several mental disorders (bipolar disorder, severe ADHD, borderline personality disorder, and Schizophrenia).  He takes medication for all of these and has them all under control.  I actually think those things may make me that little bit more attracted to him.  I’ve always been drawn to messed up guys.  I suppose the real issue here isn’t so much everything he’s done and he’s been through, it’s that I am so ready to see through those things, without questioning them. And perhaps they are some of the main things that I find drawing me to him.  Is this unhealthy?  Am I going for this guy solely because he’s so mentally torn up?  What does it mean to be only attracted to those with serious mental problems?

Dear Drama Queen,

Yep, that’s what I’m calling you…’cause you’re just one twisted mess of a girl who loves starring in her own lil’ soap opera.  And you know it.  I’m not going to get into why you seem to crave the drama…maybe the folks didn’t give you enough attention growing up or perhaps you’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl or The Hills and think life is only exciting when it’s over-the-top complicated. 

And guess what cupie doll…this boy’s got complicated by the bucketful. Schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder are hardcore mental health disorders.  Now I don’t think someone having a diagnosed mental illness is a reason not to get to know them or even to date – that is, as long as they’re medication compliant – but you have to top it all off with finding a guy just out of PRISON?? For what, by the way? Oh and he’s a recovering drug addict. That’s just fabulous.

If I were your mother, I’d lock you in your room until you came to your senses. But since I’m not – and I can’t – consider this your virtual bitch slap across your face.   Wake up. And please, please…get into some therapy. Because for the record, liking a bad boy is one thing, going for their King of Crazy is another. Sometimes it’s easier and more entertaining to focus on others issues, instead of working on ourselves. I know you’re not going to take this advice – because your drug of choice is the adrenelin high of crazy, messed up relationships. But honey, he’s not just a bad choice – he’s a dangerous one – and there’s nothing cute about this.

Get out of this fast. Now, you can’t say no one didn’t warn you.


5 responses to “Crazy Is as Crazy Does

  1. This sounds so much like that creep my aunt dated, it is scary. Wait until he beats you up…

  2. I love my readers. Tellin’ like it is…

  3. I’ve tried dating a psychogirl as well. It is not as big a treat as it might seem… Anyway, good post. Good to see you’re back. 🙂

  4. I like how the songs you recommend boil down to ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’. And seriously, could you add any more problems to a ‘relationship’?

  5. People love their IV’s filled with drama…what can I say?

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