Your Friday Fix: Guest Bloggers, Cassette Shelf


Inside the mind of a rock snob.

Inside the mind of a rock snob.

It’s not often, but once in a while, you run across a blog and fall in love.  So much so, that you can picture yourself  hanging out with the writers in some swanky lounge in a hip location far from where you actually live. And there you are, listening to the music that you all obviously adore and appreciate better than ANYONE else.

That’s how I feel about Cassette Shelf. These two crazy kids have got it going on. But don’t listen to me…listen to them…take it away, Torrey and Kathyrn…

Cassette Shelf began as an exercise in self-congratulation between two friends who wanted an excuse to make mixtapes prolifically. We post mixes based on whimsy, themes, moods, events. We aim to entertain, and also to say: “hey, our music’s pretty great, huh.” We’re also very honoured that Ms. Mix & Bitch is allowing us a guest post on her warm and intelligent blog, which was a large inspiration for us from the start. You can check us out at 

(Hey K & T, don’t know why there’s extra HTML code. I’m not too hip on that stuff.)

“Vague Epics & Small Tragedies” is the soundtrack for that particular tarnished limbo of adolescence when horizons are murky and unsettling but the now is gloriously, messily vulgar. Side A, mixed by Torrey, intends to capture the upbeat side of this dirty aimlessness. The subject matter ranges from drinking, to screwing, to the lazy rebelliousness and clumsy immortality of teenagers. Side B, mixed by Kathryn, attempts to convey the awkward desperation and uncertainty of these years and their claustrophic inertia. There is a longing for all things, for simple survival most of all. These songs speak of growing pains together with transient moments of grace. Overall, the style of music varies, but the cohesive idea binding the mix together is our approximation of youth.
side A: songs for dirty aimless youth
01. “Stuck Between Stations” – The Hold Steady (Boys and Girls in America)
02. “Nights of the Living Dead” – Tilly and the Wall (Wild Like Children)
03. “Halloweenhead” – Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger)
04. “School Uniforms” – The Wombats (A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation)
05. “All of Us Kids” – Hawksley Workman (For Him and The Girls) *
06. “A Better Son/Daughter” – Rilo Kiley (The Execution of All Things)
07. “1979” – Smashing Pumpkins (Rotten Apples)
08. “Army” – Immaculate Machine (Ones and Zeros)
09. “We Looked Like Giants” – Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlanticism)
10. “Riot Van” – Arctic Monkeys (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)

side B: songs for a delicate survival
11. “On to You” – The Constantines (Shine a Light)
12. “Ghost World” – Aimee Mann (Bachelor No. 2)
13. “Handsome Furs Hate This City” – Handsome Furs (Plague Park)

14. “Know Your Onion!” – Of Montreal (cover)
15. “Margaret vs. Pauline” – Neko Case (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood)
16. “Not Your Year” – The Weepies (Say I Am You)

17. “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” – Broken Social Scene (You Forgot It In People)
18. “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” – The Smiths (Singles)

19. “Adventures in Solitude” – The New Pornographers (Challengers)

20. “This Year” – The Mountain Goats (The Sunset Tree)


3 responses to “Your Friday Fix: Guest Bloggers, Cassette Shelf

  1. Thanks a lot, guys.

    I now have rekindled my mix-tape habit big time!


  2. Our pleasure, Rob. Mixwit is nothing if not addictive.

  3. Y’know, there I am, reading this post thinking “huh, the song I’m listening to right now would be pretty good in there.”

    Scroll to the bottom? Number 20. Nice.

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