Catch and Release of the Week: Darker My Love’s “2” Album

The term “psychedelic rock” conjures images of blotter acid on tongues and tacky tie dyed shirts, of Jimi Hendrix trippin’ off his tricked-out bandana and never-ending drum and bongo solos.

In other words, more about the psychedelics, less about the rock.

However, there’s a group of boys from Los Angeles that’s reversing the usual equation, and putting the music back into the genre.  Darker My Love’s latest release, entitled “2,” may only be the band’s sophomore release, but it’s a tight record – one showing a heck of a lot more restraint and maturity than their debut release in 2006.  Tracks such as “Northern Soul,” “Pale Sun,” and “Blue Day” are stand-outs, and many music critics are already comparing them to the likes of The Warlocks and The Out Crowd.  While it’s certainly a complimentary comparison, in this case it actually may be selling Darker My Love a bit short.

I wish I could share a lot of back story on these guys, but I couldn’t find anything particularly noteworthy: just a couple of boys from high school that got together to play some music. No tawdry ODing stories. No scandelous bed-hopping. The focus of their story is the music, and I guess that’s the point now isn’t it?

I’m going to give Darker My Love’s 2 release 4 Bitch Slaps our of 5.

bitch slap       bitch slap     bitch slap   bitch slap

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