The Slacker’s Excuse List

So why haven’t I given you a Catch and Release of the Week and Your Friday Fix? Well, here are my excuses:

– I’m swimming in a sea of moving boxes and I can’t get to the surface.

– I’m too busy reading all of the fab new blogs I’ve found.

– I purchase my first Rabbit vibrator and I haven’t come up for air since 😉

– David caught me with the vibrator way too many times and now we’re in round-the-clock marriage counseling (double wink)

– I have four sets of friends either about to have babies – or who have just had their babies – and I’m out buying baby gifts. Constantly.

– I’m getting back into shape so I can revitalize my pole dancing career to help get us out of debt (don’t think I haven’t thought of that once or twice).

– David and I figured we’d utilize the dark brown paneling in our new house for its God given purpose: as background for our new 70s-home-porn revival film business. Yep, it’s on film baby. No video tape here.

– Realizing that the time it took for me to write this list, I could have done what I promised. Hence the dilemma of every slacker.

Oh well, happy weekend, people.


2 responses to “The Slacker’s Excuse List

  1. 70’s Porn Revival business?!!! Where do you come up with this stuff!! LOL – That is too funny! 🙂

    Good luck with the move. It usually takes me about 6 months to really get things put where they are supposed to go in the new house…. it takes a while to figure out 1st, where everything goes and 2nd, remembering where you designated that thing to go…

  2. Where do I come up with this stuff?

    In the words of Klaus Van Bulow:

    “You have NO idea.”

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