Are Ya Sure You Really Wanna Know?

From time to time, I’ll get questions more personal in nature, that I save up in a pretty lil’ potpourri package until enough gather up to make a big, stinkin’ nuisance.

Considering I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, you all already know quite a bit about me. That said, some of you have come up with some real beauties this time around.

So pull up a chair from the cheap seats and enjoy the parade…


O.k., so I know from reading your blog that you don’t talk about your own sexual history or proclivities, but do you have any other strange habits or tendencies you can share?

Why the hell would you – or anyone – want to know that kind of stuff? Does it help you bond with me in some way? The truth is that I – and most bloggers, BTW – are usually pretty tame in real life.  We let out our inner superfreaks through our blogs.  But if you’d like to walk away from this question with some sort of goody bag prize, then I’d say the weirdest tendency I have is to consult my iPod on various life dilemmas. And I still check my horoscope every once in a while. Next?


You get a lot of questions from the gay community. Would you consider your blog “gay friendly?”

Yes, this is a gay-friendly blog. In fact, we’re friendly to everyone except prejudiced assholes. If I was truly blessed, I’l be considered the Kathy Griffin of the Blogosphere.  And be dating a billionaire too 😉

Sorry David.

You have a lot of blogs on your blogroll. Which one is your favorite?

Well, I like different blogs for different purposes. But some of my favorites are Stuff White People Like, Magic Jew Ball, Deus Ex Malcontent, and anything written by Stacey Nosek (such as Litely Salted, Webster’s is my Bitch, etc)…they’re the ones that inspired me to start writing in the first place. So blame them 😉

Thanks for putting me on the spot there.

 Did you ever wish you and your husband had a boy, instead of all girls?

Honestly, no. I love girls…especially our girls.  I think people focus too much on gender anyway…and trust me, in my day job, I see families dealing with high functioning autism, anxiety disorders, neuropsych disorders – the whole kit-and-kaboodle…trust me folks, if you’re pregnant, just wish for healthy, happy, and a good sleeper. And that’s it.

What’s the worst thing to ever happen to you?

Suffering from bouts of clinical depression ranks right up there.  I remember while living in San Francisco being curled up in a ball on my living room floor, staring off into space, thinking everything I had worked for in my life was a mistake – that my marriage was a failure and that my girls would be better off without me.  Thank God my family rallied around me and I received help.  Some are not so lucky.

Having my parents split six months before my wedding also sucked big time. Especially since my dad was caught with his hand in someone else’s cookie jar. During the reception, the room seemed divided between his and her sides…but whatever. Bad wedding. Good marriage. I’m good with that.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I have many, but my favorite was rolling down this big hill by my house with all my friends. We’d do that for hours. And then when we were so dizzy we thought we’d throw up, we’d lie back and watch the clouds spin.


7 responses to “Are Ya Sure You Really Wanna Know?

  1. I blame Deus Ex Malcontent for my blogging as well. Many people do.

    And suddenly, I want to roll down a hill and chase fireflies.

  2. This was cool to read. 🙂 I like your perspective on things and read your blog regularly! I read Deus Ex Malcontent too…who knows, maybe you guys will inspire me to try my hand too!

  3. Thanks ML!

    And GWCH – we need a blogger weekend away, the whole bunch of us. Whadaya say?

  4. Well, in the vein of consulting your iPod… I confess to playing iPod pyschic… if I can’t make a decision, I will hit random and decide based on what the next song tells me to do. Yup, it’s a great way to make those life altering decision. I once moved cross country based on Whitesnake.

  5. Ali,

    Ya see? I knew I wasn’t the only one out there…

    BTW, having a Whitesnake song determine your destiny is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. You’re a trip. You can sit at my lunch table anytime.

  6. You should come write with me. Just started but I like snarky.

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