If Lovin You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right.

Dear Ms. Mix & Bitch,

Love your blog. Think you’re hot.

O.k., so now onto my problem. There’s this woman I work with named “Amanda.” She’s smart and beautiful and has a wicked sense of humor.  I’ve been into her for months. I finally got her to go out with me and we really hit it off. Everything was going along fine until we started talking politics. Not only is she a Republican, but she volunteers her time working for the McCain campaign. 

I had suspected she wasn’t liberal or a Democrat before we started dating, because everytime our co-workers would start talking about the debates or now the Obama nomination, she would smile, but wouldn’t chime in.  To make it all worse, she believes in this war, even though she will admit that Bush has been a disaster.  So here’s my question: what do you do when you meet someone who is an angel, but also dances with the devil, so to speak?  I can tell she likes me too, but I also didn’t really let her know I thought her political views were a pile of horseshit.  Signed, Wayward Liberal in Flagstaff.

Dear Flagstaffer….

You’re from Flagstaff? As in Flagstaff, ARIZONA? Are you fucking kidding me? I’m surprised that 1 out of every 2 women you’ve met out there HASN’T been a card-carrying member of the Born-Again Christ brigade.  Kind of like complaining about the view while laying flat in the belly of the beast. C’mon now…

That aside, you pose an interesting question. I have some friends of mine whom would never date outside their political faith, thinking it as much of a betrayal to their own “kind” as it is just something personally reprehensible.  I myself find such labels separatist and boring, and frankly, a lack of genuine intelligence.  Truly thinking individuals don’t just follow party lines, they analyze sociopolitical policy as to how it aligns with their personal philosophy as influenced by one’s culture, geography, profession, religion, etc…It’s the most exaasperating sign of cognitive dissonance to me when you hear, for example, a Republican babble endlessly about their pro-life stance, but then won’t help the babies we’ve got by not funding programs to help single mothers get back on their feet financially and such.

What I find interesting about Amanda is that while she supports the human fossil known as McCain, she doesn’t always support the political party line and readily discusses her disappointment with the Bush administration.  She also puts her time where her mouth is and volunteers for a cause she believes in…another admirable quality, even if it is for a person and mission as futile and pointless as the McCarnage campaign. These two points prove she has conviction while remaining open-minded – unlike others in her personal Gorilla Mist:


Conservative kewpee doll, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View.”


I have often found that people with wrong varying political stances from my own actually want the same things I do – they just go about it in a completely different way. So I say get to know her…sweet Jesus knows, it’ll never be boring between you two.

Oh and PS…ever consider that Amanda already knows where you stand politically (from all your water cooler talk) yet still wants to date you in spite of – in her opinion – your pansy-assed, granola crunchy views? Hmm?

5.”Republican Party Reptile,” [Big Country] The Best of Big Country.

4. “Opposites Attract,” [Paula Abdul] Forever Your Girl.

(Just kidding. I had to throw this one in here to see if you all were paying attention. Now who’s the wicked one?).

4. “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right,” [Isaac Hayes] Hot Buttered Soul.

(All proceeds from the sale of this song goes to an even more wack-shit-crazy group, ladies and gentleman may I present, the Scientologists…)

3. “Love Me Dead,” [Ludo] You’re Awful, I Love You.

2. “Cupids Tricks,” [Elliott Smith] Either/Or.

1. “The Pageant of the Bizarre,” [Zero 7] The Garden.


10 responses to “If Lovin You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right.

  1. That photo of McCain scares me. 😮

  2. You are crazy funny — LOVE your blog!!!

  3. Thanks for tuning in 🙂

  4. Pretty good response. As someone who fits the female’s profile politically in your write up, I find myself in discussions with peers all the time about politics where the expectation that everyone in the discussion is liberal is rampant (part of living in DC, to be sure). Quite simply, “everyone is voting Obama, right? right?” No, it’s wrong. That’s why I think this woman is obviously quite intelligent – better to keep your thoughts and beliefs to yourself than to ruin an ideologue’s good time. I also would go further and say the fact she shared her beliefs with this guy is a pretty good sign that she is in to him.

    I also agree with the point that people who don’t date outside their party are tools. People – politics is not all encompassing life. Ruling out 50% of the population over that seems silly…get over it.

    The inclusion of Elizabeth Hasselhoff on this list as some knee-jerk Republican shill is interesting because most conservatives wouldn’t hold her up as a substantive representative of their views (but a representative on day time TV is better than the nothing that preceded it, to be sure). But hey, if you want to put a pretty face up to follow McCain’s mug, I am down with that noise.

    I love when liberals like the author of the note thinks “her views are a pile of horseshit.” Hey, that’ s a flexible guy right there! Can’t wait to decide what color towels or how many kids we are having! You know, you may disagree – but let’s try and leave your douchebaggery out of it.

    This girl might be too good for this guy. Glad you hinted at that in the piece – I’ll come right out and say it.

  5. From my perspective, it didn’t really work. Kind of put a cramp on any kind of sex life after he found out I would abort any child our comminglings produced.

    But then again, think about how utterly fucking romantic it was when Claire ended up with Ted in “Six Feet Under.” Can I get a suh-woon?!

    I’m going to go with fiction over reality on this one. He should totally go for it.

  6. All good point, ladies…funny, I have men write in more and women commenting more – what sort of sociological experiment results would THAT produce??

  7. Just found your site, only want to chime in that Flagstaff is a college town, that generally skews towards liberal. One of the few counties that went to Kerry, and presumably will do so for Obama in November.

  8. The results are in: no matter how much they mock us, men cannot live without the wisdom and advice of women.

    Also, that Paula Abdul thing was just wrong.

  9. I think it would be fun to date someone with different views, just to find out why they think the way they do. Understand that reasoning….whatever. Opposites usually attract anyway! 🙂

  10. I have two song recommendations I would like to make:

    “By the Time I Get to Arizona” by Public Enemy

    “Baby, I’m an Anarchist” by Against Me!

    A sampling of the chorus of the latter song;

    ‘Cause baby, I’m an anarchist,
    You’re a spineless liberal.
    We marched together for the eight-hour day
    And held hands in the streets of Seattle,
    But when it came time to throw bricks
    Through that Starbucks window,
    You left me all alone.

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