Pucker Your Lips and Blow

Happy.jpg happy birthday image by kkiioo_99

Celebrating 100 posts at Mix Tape Therapy.

Let’s changed things up a bit – send me YOUR choice of song for the occasion and I’ll post the results on my real birthday, Monday, May 26th.


5 responses to “Pucker Your Lips and Blow

  1. How about “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang?

    Just kidding there.

    I like Green Day’s “Time of Your Life.”

  2. Blue October – “Congratulations”

  3. Tupac’s “All About U” – need some hip hop on your blog, girl!

  4. If we’re going for Celebration, do the U2 one!

    But if your posts take a much work as they look like they do, I suggest The Cure’s A Thousand Hours.


  5. Thanks, Becs…”meeting” you through our blogs has been a virtual and literal perk of the job.

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