Music Mixes and Fixes for Your Friday


Dear Ms. Mix & Bitch,

I don’t have a question. I just want you to make a mix for when you’re falling in love, because I am and I never thought I would again, but it’s happening and we are so happy even I’m making myself sick, but in a good way.

So hook up a sista – K?   Signed, Delirious

Dear Delirious,

Sure thing, kid…glad to bring on the happy.

10. “Crazy for You,” [ADELE] 19.

For those of you who actually keep track of what songs I post, you will have noticed more and more ADELE songs creeping onto my lists.  She’s the new thing out of London and I’m crazy about her voice, which is like liquid smoke and Belvedere vodka.

Think Yaz, but with more jazz – less dancy synthesizers.

9. “You Got Me,” [Tristan Prettyman] Hello.

Tristan Prettyman

I’ve been a fan of Ms. Pretty since her debut album, “Twenty-Three” came out several years ago, and frankly felt she got a raw deal as primarily being known as Jason Mraz’s old lady. But she’s been doing quite well for herself, having some of her songs featured on lame shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl. Well, she’s just come out with a new one, and it’s even better than her first release.

So there.

8. “All This Beauty,” [The Weepies] Hideaway.


I loved Deb Talan and Steve Tannen when they were solo artists, but went absolutely head-over-heels batshit crazy when they got together to form The Weepies.  They’re another musical outfit heavily courted by Hollywood and corporate America, but considering neo-folk rock isn’t exactly burning up the Top 40 these days, I’ll ignore the whole sell-out argument in exchange for artists receiving a decent living for good music. Besides, they just got married and had a son, so the family’s gotta eat, right?

This song is the only one on the new release that’s actually cheery – most of it reflects a darker musical period for the usually chipper duo. I kinda look at Hideaway as the modern soundtrack for postpartum depression, but it’s still pretty good. Download it and say Ms. Bitch sent ya.

7. “There is No Greater Love,” [Amy Winehouse] Frank.


The fact that Amy’s such an over-the-top train wreck is nothing new to any of us.  But we all know that she gets away with as much as she does because she’s so godamn talented.  I just think of her as the Janis Joplin of the 21st century. Hope  Amy lasts much longer than she did…

6. “I Will Posess Your Heart,” [Death Cab for Cutie] Narrow Stairs.

iTunes previewed this track from their soon-to-be-released, Narrow Stairs, and it appears that DCFC manages to astound and captivate us once again. I adore this song, and am thrilled how they keep raising the bar for all other alternative bands to limbo under.

5. “Beautiful Freak,” [Eels] Beautiful Freak.

Eels.jpg Eels image by ilpelle86

It’s true. The frontman – and I think the only  man – in the musical outfit recently, E is not exactly known as a romantic balladier, which is all the more reason to like this song.  It’s like the love song for all those who otherwise feel unlovable. Leave it to E to write the most romantic anti-love song I know.

4. “Southern Girl,” [Incubus] A Crow Left of the Murder

incubus.jpg Incubus image by ChopsRock

I’ve been an Incubus fan for a while, although I thought their Light Grenades release was a subpar effort at best. That said, I still think this is one of the all-time, give-me-the-shivers alt-rock songs on my iPod.

3. “Another Kind of Green,” [John Mayer Trio] Try! (Live).

While I try to separate an artist’s work from his personal life, I don’t do a very good job. In fact, I suck at it. And I hesitated putting a John Mayer song on ANY of my lists for a long while because I was annoyed at his most insipid tastes in girl-women:  Jennifer “call me by my middle name Love” – Hewitt;  Jessica -I don’t believe your agent daddy when he says you’re IQ is a 160 or that he doesn’t have sugar-daddy-thoughts-of-the-incestuous kind about you – Simpson…or the latest, Jennifer Aniston…who is too vanilla to feel any which way about…

But this song has a good vibe to it. And I guess that should be enough.

2. “Lovely Tonight,” [Joshua Radin] Unclear Sky EP.

I know, I know…he’s like on Zach Braff’s permanent, angst-ridden, life crisis soundtrack of choice, but I like the quiet stuff. So sue me.

1. “Those To Come,” [The Shins] Wincing the Night Away.

1997 was a good year to start a band, I guess, because Death Cab AND The Shins both formed at that time.  Of course, I now have mentioned another musical act that needs to prostrate themselves in front of the Zackster for eternity because it was his Garden State soundtrack which brought them to center stage for the rest of us. Regardless, I mention DCFC and The Shins in the same breath because I think they’re some of the few alternative bands out there today with a genuinely unique sound profile.  This song slays me because it starts off as another quiet love diddy and later foreshadows a more ominous future without killing the hormonal fog created and fostered throughout…which sums up love for me…

Savoring the moments for all they are worth, but peaking over your should to see if the lurking monsters are about to pound you on the back of the head.

Happy Friday, people.


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