Seduction by the Spoonful

sxyChef1.jpg Sexy Chef image by SmileyMags
(Not my type, but the costume sure works)
Ask any man or woman what it would take to get them into bed and I think few could resist a homecooked meal by the one they want to devour.  Food and sex are unapologetically the drugs of choice for many of us,  which is why I’m a big fan of the blog, Sexy Spoon.  Rachel’s a trip, blogging about her dating and cooking adventures with the same zeal and gusto as Anthony Bourdain does after his third cup of coffee and a couple packs of cigarettes. 
So when Ms. Sexy asked me to be a guest blogger on SS, I couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of her Hollywood magic.  It’s my take on seduction old school style, featuring The Top Ten Songs to Play While Cooking that Seduction Supper.  Eat it up folks – and come back for seconds.

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