Top Ten Baby-Making Songs

Baby.jpg Baby image by ProudlyDownunder

So if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m all about the Springtime.  I bet you all didn’t know that there are more babies born between the months of January and March than any time of the year. You know why? Because all the folks are gettin’ it on after the winter thaw.  It’s the whole birds and bees and the flowers in the trees bit.

spring.jpg spring image by rodin1

So just in case you and your honey are looking to put pistin to stamen (winky wink), here’s the perfect baby-making mix to get the semen flowing.

I fully expect for you to name your kid after me. That’s right, boy or girl, name it Bitch 😉

10. “Let’s Stay Together,” [Al Green] Let’s Stay Together.

9. “The Makings of You,” [Curtis Mayfield] Curtis.

8. “Cherry Blossom Girl,” [AIR] Talkie Walkie.

7. “Part of the Process,” [Morcheeba] Big Calm.

6. “A Man Needs to Be Told,” [The Charlatans] Wonderland.

5. “Liquid Love,” [Roy Ayers] Virgin Ubiquity II.

4. “Do You Realize,” [The Flaming Lips] Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

3. “Wild Horses,” [The Sundays] Blind.

2. “To Be Alone with You,” [Sufjan Stevens] Seven Swans.

1. “Northern Sky,” [Nick Drake] Bryter Layter.


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