Pour Some Sugar on Me


Dear Ms. Mix & Bitch,

O.k., here’s the deal. My boyfriend of one month just confessed to me that he’s into something called sploshing, and he wants us to do that.  It’s when you throw food at your lover, or cover them with food, for sexual arousal.  I thought our sex life was great, and he says he likes it too, but in order for him to be able to feel completely turned on, he needs to splosh.  What do you think? Do you think it’s too weird? I can’t decide. Unsigned.

Do I think it’s weird? Uh, yeah. Does that really matter? Not in the slightest. It sounds to me like you’re processing what YOU think right now.  Trouble is, you can think yourself into a frenzy, but you are never going to know how you truly feel about it until you try it once. Perhaps you’ll be surprised and find the whole scene highly erotic and entertaining. Or you can think it’s creepy freaky.

Personally, I hate wasting food.  I think about all the starving children in Africa and all the hungry homeless people in the streets, then I’d feel guilty and that just would kill it for me 😉

But to each his and her own, right? Meanwhile Grant Stoddard (while still writing for Nerve.com’s ‘I Did It for Science’ column’), investigated sploshing for himself. Stoddard’s a funny read, so enjoy.

Meanwhile, putting together a sploshing mix was not so easy there, kiddo, but here it is…

10. “I’m a Nibble Man,” [Lee Shot Williams] Nibble Man.

  9. “Food in the Belly,” [Xavier Rudd] Food in the Belly.

  8. “Splashing Dashing,” [Garnett Silk] Music is the Rod.

  7. “Eat Me, Drink Me,” [Marilyn Manson] Eat Me, Drink Me.

  6. “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” [Def Leppard] Hysteria.

  5. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” [Pat Benatar] Live from Earth.

  4. “Suckerpunch,” [Bowling for Soup] Let’s Do It for Johnny.

  3. “Spread Your Love,” [Black Rebel Motorcycle Club] B.R.M.C.

  2. “Soothing Syrup,” [Run Return] Metro North.

  1. “Misfits,” [The Kinks] Misfits.



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