Top Ten Songs of Unrequited Love

Unrequited_Love.jpg ???????????? image by beautiful_destiny

In the proverbial and sage words of The J. Geils Band, love stinks.

Well, at least when it’s unrequited.

I have a friend of mine who has got it bad. And there’s nothing he can do about it.

We talk pretty frequently, and I think almost every conversation is peppered with his longing for this woman.

I can literally feel his heart ache through the phone line.

So here’s to you, one of my dearest friends…and to all of the others sleeping restless tonight.

10. “Wishful Thinking,” [The Album Leaf] Into the Blue Again.

9. “Unrequited,” [Ani DiFranco] Reprieve.

8. “Pictures of You,” [The Cure] Disintegration.

7. “For You,” [Duncan Sheik] Daylight.

6. “Where We Went Wrong,” [The Hush Sounds] Like Vines.

5. “Linger,” [Jonatha Brooks] Steady Pull.

4. “One,” [Mary J. Blige and U2] The Breakthrough.

3. “Degenerates,” [Moby] Last Night.

2. “This One I Made for You,” [Polly Paulusma] Fingers and Thumbs.

1. “Do What You Have to Do,” [Sarah McLachlan] Surfacing.


One response to “Top Ten Songs of Unrequited Love

  1. Yeah, so this girl I went on 2 dates with said she likes me, but we work together, so she isnt ready, and today I see her flirting with this other dude…

    Your missing the good stuff, Bryan Mcknight, and Bob Marley has the song waiting in Vain. etc… I am going to make my own playlist

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