Top Ten Songs to Get Your Happy On

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Hey, it’s Spring, goddammit, and it’s time to get your happy on. 

What songs get you there faster than anything else?

These do it for me…and just to make it fair, I’ve divided my happy favs into the following categories:

The Cool Kids

10. “I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby, And My Baby’s Crazy ‘Bout Me,” [Louis Armstrong] What a Wonderful World. (There are few cooler than Louie, and you can almost hear him smiling while singing this diddy).

9. “Take It From Me,” [The Weepies] Say I Am You. (Let’s put it this way..I actually picture myself skipping through a fucking MEADOW when I hear this song. And I’m not the meadow-skippin’ type, baby cakes).

8. “I Forgot that Love Existed,” [Van Morrisson] A Night in San Francisco. (Almost every night and day I got to live in my dream city of San Fran made me feel I was blessed and found love for the first time. (insert heavy sigh here) ).

7. “Tiger, My Friend,” [Tiger, My Friend] Psapp. (Imagine me in a cool mod outfit in a covertible going down Sunset. Yep, the song is THAT rad).

6. “Kiss,” [Prince] Parade – Under the Cherry Tree. (He’s always been a musical genius and a sleazy slickster to look at – and he had the nerve to put a scarve over his lead dancer’s head in the video. The nerve).

5. “Feeling Good,” [Nina Simone] Nina Simone. (Yep)

4. “Parisian Dream,” [Laura Veirs] Year of Meteors. (She’s cooler than anything out there these days).

3. “Crosstown Traffic,” [Jimi Hendrix] The Jimi Hendrix Experience. (Can’t help but smile when I hear the line, “Tire tracks all across your back, hmph. I can see you’ve had YOUR fun.” In the proverbial words of Klaus Van Bulow, “You have NO idea.”)

It’s a tie between:

2. “Such Great Heights,” [Iron & Wine] Garden State Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


2. “Woman King,” [Iron & Wine] Woman King, EP. (Both self-explanatory).

1. “I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year),” [Donald Fagan] The Nightfly.

Guilty.jpg Guilty for being gorgeous!! image by gmng83

Guilty Pleasures

10. “Biggest Part of Me,” [Ambrosia] One Eighty.

9. “Ventura Highway,” [America] Ventura Highway.

8. “The Boyz are Back in Town,” [Thin Lizzy] Jailbreak.

7. “We Will Rock You/We are the Champions,” [Queen] Queen’s Greatest Hits.

6. “Extraordinary,” [Mandy Moore] Wild Hope.

5. “Into the Groove,” [Madonna] The Immaculate Collection.

4. “You and Me,” [Lifehouse] No Name Face.

3. “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” [Guns-n-Roses] Appetite for Destruction.

2. “Something So Strong,” [Crowded House] Crowded House.

1. “No Rain,” [Blind Melon] Blind Melon.

These are ALL embarassing on so many different levels…but I love ’em. Embrace the nerdy and the cool within 🙂





4 responses to “Top Ten Songs to Get Your Happy On

  1. It’s funny that you posted this today. As I was on my way to work this morning “Do You Realize?” by The Flaming Lips came up on my ipod. The sun was shining bright and the song made me so happy. I was tempted to post about it, but I figured I’d let my girlfriend bash me on my blog instead.

  2. Not like some abuse from the ones we love…you should post all your favs anyway.

    I think the kind of music we listen to says a lot about us.

  3. There ain’t no shame in Crowded House, so far as I’m concerned, Ms. M&B. 🙂

    Interesting choice in I.G.Y, which is one of my favourite songs of all time – really happy and uplifting, yet also under a heavy layer of irony too.

  4. I love that Nina Simone song any time. It’s all I could hear in my head in May 2007 as I drove away from East Campus–I had just finished defending my thesis…

    Also, there’s a shiny new link on my blog now 😉

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