Shameless Plug for a Friend


I love my friends. Like good fruit, I only pick the best – and I’m thrilled when one has ripened.

Back in college, I was a member of a certain Jewish-leaning sorority whose Greek letters looked like they spelled the word “EAT ” on our Champion sweatshirts.  With our big hair, pale pink lipsticked pouts, and metallic blue underliner, my sorority sisters and I thought we were the shits.  We all walked around entitled and spoiled as hell, figuring any other girls who dissed us were just jealous and wanted to be us.

And we fucked all their boyfriends too.

Even at the time, I knew we were ridiculous. I later resigned from the sorority in a scene reminiscent of an underground cult rescue and recovery mission, but I digress.  One of the few things to come out of that period worth holding onto was my friendship with a girl named Debbie Reed.

While everyone thought they were something special, we all knew Debbie actually WAS something spectacular. She was beautiful and smart, self-deprecating and real. One day she was winning the Miss University of Miami pageant then the next day snorting milk out of her nose. Plus, she had somehow lived all over the world and yet never came home with a fake accent or an attitude.

I liked her so much I became engaged to her brother for five minutes.  When that relationship didn’t work out, and I no longer was in contact with the family, I think I missed my friendship with her more than I did her brother…but no matter…he married the right girl for him and has a great litter of kids, Debbie and I are back in touch, and the woman is about to release her FIRST teen fiction book. How’s THAT for a happy ending?

Anyway, leave it to Debbie to take her time as a talent booker for a modeling and acting agency and turn it into something productive.  Go out and buy a copy immediately for that angst teen in your life, and support the good eggs out there.


One response to “Shameless Plug for a Friend

  1. This is nearly as rare as a ‘real’ person in a sorority- an honest to gosh, envy-free sign of support and admiration for a friend.

    Good for her and good for you. The first book is always a mind fuck.

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