Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Confession # 4: An Ode to the Irish


Ah, how Ms. Mix & Bitch luvs her Irish laddies. 

I don’t know what it is about Irish men.

Perhaps it’s that michievious sex appeal that twinkles in their evergreen eyes when they’re looking at you. Or perhaps that intense, frothy look I mistaken for seduction is actually insanity from soaking their brains in too much Guinness for half their lives. Who knows…whatever it is, it’s that kinda danger-sexy-thing that either whisks a girl off her feet – or slams some poor bloke into a wall ‘cuz they were eyeing ’em funny.

They make great boyfriends and horrible husbands.

But for today, it’s all about them, so here’s my tribute to all that makes me green with, well, you know

Aiden Quinn

 Aiden Quinn

I hear he’s actually as fabulous in person as he seems on the big screen.  All I know is that he’s the only good thing to come out of Madonna’s movie career.  Remember “Desperately Seeking Susan?” He’s been in a million amazing flicks since then, and I love them all just so I can watch him a little longer. Unfortunately, he’s not into any NC-17 stuff, so I guess a girl is left to dream.


_gabriel_byrne.jpg image by grumpymimi

Gabriel Bryne

I know, I know…you are all SO sick of my Gabriel obsession.  And now that he’s on 5 nights a week on HBO’s In Treatment, I’m the happiest little Jew girl in the world.  Hopefully, he’s not half as stereotypically fucked as his character, who’s in love with a woman patient that is (wait for it, wait for it)  HALF his age.


BTW….do you notice who is NOT on this list? Note the absence of the following douche-bags:

 Colin Farrell

All Culkin brothers

George Clooney

(I really, really, REALLY don’t get the big deal over that last one. Will someone please explain it to me, in small words I can understand?)

O.k., let’s continue….


0.jpg stephen rea image by mmmanon

Stephen Rea

O.k. He’s not much to look at, but ever since I saw him in Guinevere I’ve been a fan. Of course, most will know him from that lil’ ditty he was in with Forest Whitaker and the Sunday surprise in that gal’s shorts, but I think he’s leading man material.  Although, he does look like the droopy dog left out in the rain too long…makes you want to go over and pat him on the back, “There, there, Stephen…it’s not so bad.”

All firemen, police officers, and other men with a little civic power and too much testosterone.

I don’t know why so many Irish men go into these civil service jobs, but God bless ’em for it. I’ll leave my kitty stuck up in the tree jokes for you obvious folks out there.

Anyway, have a Happy Patty…







4 responses to “Ms. Mix & Bitch’s Confession # 4: An Ode to the Irish

  1. Speaking as a Frenchman, I can tell you that we usually leave the heavy lifting to the Irish.

    Great blog…I’ll be sure to check back!

  2. I’ve waded through your crushes, and I’m a little put out that no green eyed girls made a cameo appearance. Equal opportunity eye-candy, dammit.

  3. Wait a sec…how are you possibly French and “blessed” with the moniker “Chuck?” Something smells fishy here, and it ain’t the boullabaise my freedom-fries-eating-friend.

    And Sam…sorry buddy, but you’re about 10-15 years too late on my whole sexual fluidity phase.

    Check back again in another few in time for my mid-life crisis.

  4. I never went for the Irish guys… guess because I am red-headed and Irish myself. I prefer the tall dark and handsome kind! Maybe that is why I married a 6’5” Mexican man???

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