Is There a Doctor in the House?

dr.jpg Dr. House image by imstaindbyu

Why is it when a gal finally finds herself in need of some healthful resuscitation, there’s no one around (no one even CLOSE frankly) with House’s acerbic wit, sadistic charm, or haggard, Vicodin-inspired, snarky smile? 

Even more to the point:

Why – when I give a list of symptoms to the quackery farm known as my “team,” – do I get a perplexed, bordering on disbelieving look – as if I’m making up the disparaging symptoms for my own amusement or something?

Where’s my crackerjack team of House-adoring suck-ups, fawning over me in that hot-and-cold way that lets a daddy-damaged girl like me know they really care? I feel completely jipped that I’m being denied my self-righteous reaction to my doctor’s Don Ricklesque-inspired verbal tirade which only brings him that much close to a proper diagnosis.

house_cast.jpg House Cast image by cprince9350

(Those are not my stumpy legs under that 50-count thread sheet)

Where is the love?

All kidding aside, I did get some good news today. The CT scan came back normal, which means I don’t have cancer. Yep, kinda like winning lotto without the money, but I’ll take it 🙂 

Now only two more tests to go…but honestly, I’m not sweating the rest of it.  As long as it’s not the big “C” – we’re all good.

Thanks for sharing your concern and good wishes. I really appreciate it.



2 responses to “Is There a Doctor in the House?

  1. Glad your CT came out clear.

    Never quite understood the appeal of House. If I had to deal with verbal abuse on top of those little paper gowns with the bare rear-end, I’d be popping Mr. Laurie in his snotty, sneering kisser.

  2. It makes for funny copy.

    If I actually had a doctor like House, I’d be none too pleased. Until he cured me.


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