32 Flavors and Then Some

 Happy Birthday, My Lil’ Fräulein


So, this is Elina. And February 12th is her birthday.

I love this girl.  She came to us as an au pair from Germany, and left as the little sister I never knew I wanted or needed – but did.

She’s beautiful and brilliant, complicated and frenetic.

O.k., Elina can be a pain in the ass, but so are most women worth spending any real time with…

What kills me about her is that she’s only in her early twenties. She’s at the starting tip of her own yellow brick road adventure, and while I wouldn’t want to relive my twenties again for all the candy in Wonka-ville, I feel priviledged to be part of her experience, in any small way I can.

I know a few women in their 20s, and they all think they’re the shit, that the world owes them something, and they’re what we’ve all been waiting for. I quietly laugh to myself over that one, but in Elina’s case, she’s right. She really is that spectacular.

Anyway, Happy Birthday baby girl. In the proverbial words of Barry Manilow (I can see you scratching your head, saying “who?”), this one’s for you.






2 responses to “32 Flavors and Then Some

  1. this is the cutest thing i´ve ever seen.

  2. How sweet,and everthing is so true!!!

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