What Women Really Want…Six Ways to Always Keep Your Woman Happy

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So I got a call from a good friend of mine recently. He’s been going out with this woman for a few months now. And while they are still sucking hard off the endorfin pipe, he admits to being clueless about what she really wants from him.

Like big picture stuff.

If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard this.

So I dedicate this top six list of “What Women Really Want” to not only my friend, but to all the hapless men with good intentions and hardly a clue:

6. Hold doors open for her – always.

No matter how comfortable you two get with each other, don’t forget this not-so-little chivalrous gesture. We look for it, even if we don’t say so.

5. Keep in touch

No matter how busy you get, give her a call in the middle of the day to see how she’s doing. Or send her an email letting her know you miss her. Every once in a while, send flowers to her office. Just because. It’ll make her co-workers wish they were with a guy like you.

4. Cuddling is cute, but fucking should be fierce.

Nothing puts a girl to sleep faster than night after night of compulsory sex with lots of “snuggle time” afterwards. Please. Don’t get lazy. Fuck like it’s your first time, and put your soul into it.

3. Be an “in-the-moment” guy with a plan.

Sounds contradictory, but it’s true. Women fall hardest for the guy that not only can be spontaneous and have a good time almost anywhere, but who also plans ahead. He saves some of his money, he takes care of his responsibilities – and he includes his woman into his life plan. That gets us off big time.

2. Win over her family and friends

I don’t care if you secretly think they’re a bunch of dipshits. This is her tribe and no matter what she says about them, they’re her people. That doesn’t mean you have to be fake – just try to see the best in them. Which leads us to…

1. Be positive, Daddy-O

This doesn’t mean we want to be with Ned Flanders – we all like a guy with an edge – but just try to bring her up instead of weighing her down. Because if you’re constantly complaining about how the world ain’t treating you right, eventually we won’t want to either.







6 responses to “What Women Really Want…Six Ways to Always Keep Your Woman Happy

  1. This is nice to read. I like to think I do all six. Wait, I do, do all six with some level of degree. I like to think my mom raised me right.

    I love what you have to say and agree as a guy. Just for interesting reading. Check out this guys blog post:


    I think he’s WAY off the mark and I let him know it. You can see his response. so, for me at least it’s nice to read that a woman doesnt take my actions as my seeing her as being weak, but that it’s being polite and a gentelman.

  2. Thanks for the suggest, frustrated hubby. I could have a field day with your handle, but I guess that’s the point.

  3. Oh sweetie, if only my man listened to me about all of these- especially the top 2!!!

    god, that would go so far. Is 5 years pushing for these and not getting them enough to make one stop trying?

  4. No, don’t stop trying – but I can understand that it’s hard to hold onto someone whose often-spoken mantra is:

    “Apologize often, change nothing.”

  5. Ms. Mix & Bitch,

    Feel free to poke some fun at my handle. I can take it, read my blog and you’ll understand.

  6. see, I can never get past number two. nice list.

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