Ooh Woo, Witchy Woman

 psychic1.jpg tarot and such image by meskey

So anyone who knows me well understands that for all my logic, reasoning, and fairly sound judgement, I am inextricably both spiritual and new age-y.

Just call me Witchy Woman. I love it.

Anyway, for those of you out there that are as desperate to find order in the chaos (and realizing the whole time that the effort is futile), then you’ll enjoy this site for free tarot card readings.

Enjoy the illusion of insight and control…


6 responses to “Ooh Woo, Witchy Woman

  1. Seinfeld's-Ugly-Sister


    This is too addicting!

    I have used your free tarot link too much today.

  2. Sunny Von Blow You

    I always suspected you were a lot freakier of a chick than you were letting on…

  3. I think anyone that uses the handle “Sunny Von Blow You” would probably have a pretty sharp freak-o-meter.

    So, uh, thanks. I guess.

  4. you can get your whole birthchart for free with no spam aqt alabe.net

  5. I got my tarot reading done once by a an actress that I worked with at a Renaissance Faire, and it really creeped me out. Sure was fun, though! I started to learn how to do the readings myself but then I got distracted by something else (I met Chez) and packed the cards away somewhere, never to be seen again.

    I’m not going to click on that site- I have work to do and I’m afraid it’ll be too entertaining.

  6. What people don’t get is that a reading is not written in stone – meaning, there’s free will.

    When I used to read people, I would always tell them that this is a glimpse of the future, if they proceed on their current course – their present mindset. It could all change by altering one’s perceptions of situations.

    I see your Catholic upbringing peaking through, Ms. Jayne. There’s no need to be afraid of cards or readings….any woman more interesting than a cocktail joke learns to embrace the power of the universe (much of it unseen to the logical, fearful types) – which means, they embrace all that they are.

    Power is not in a tarot deck or quick banter – it’s attuning to the ebbs and flows all around you, in ways most whiz by without notice. People need to read the signs – because they’ll tell you all you need to know.

    Carl Jung said that 80% of us live unconsciously, 20% are called to higher consciousness, and maybe 10% decide to serve. The choice is yours.

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