Who’s Your Daddy?

They say that little girls grow up to marry someone just like their father. Nothing could be further from the truth in my case. I grew up in a house full of unpredictable rages, filled with emotional denegration and humiliation.  To put it simply, it sucked – waking up and feeling afraid everyday. While I never consciously thought of exactly what I was looking for in a husband and future father for my children, I knew I had found it when I met Mr. Mix & Bitch. Besides being absolutely gorgeous in my eyes, I had never encountered a man so completely selfless – without any ulterior motives. He’d anticipate what I needed before I even knew what I wanted. He took care of things. He takes care of me. And I felt safe for the first time in my life – which healed me more than a million hours of therapy ever could have.

As the years have come and gone, our relationship has evolved into something resembling more of a partnership than a paternalistic “do-over.” And it’s been a trip seeing us start off as kids and now having kids of our own. Watching Mr. M&B interact with his girls fills me up in ways that are completely indescribable for me. He revels in the company of his girls, and they – in turn – are not wrestling with the demons that I did.

More than anything else, though, my husband has a quiet strength and dignity that’s rare in this era. He doesn’t rattle on and on about himself, and he only speaks when he feels he has something to contribute. I have learned to appreciate the innate wisdom that comes from thoughtful silence because of him.  I have learned to not measure others by what they say, but rather by what they do, and how they live every day.  I have seen others underestimate him because of his reserved nature, only to see him triumph in the end – and he’ll still have enough decency and fortitude not to gloat. 

And lastly, in our circles, I am the one that people come to with their problems. It’s a role I embrace, and part of my life’s calling. However, when it all gets too much for me, Mr. M&B is the one I go to – and not just for a soft shoulder, but also for his razor-sharp perceptions. He doesn’t miss a trick. He’s brilliant – catching things I never would have…

Honey, I would have considered myself lucky just to have known you…but to love you, to be your wife, and the mother of your children is beyond what I deserve. You are the love of my life.

Happy Father’s Day, baby…


One response to “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. Beautiful — truly. : )

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