Running Up that Hill…

Hillary Clinton

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hillster. And yes, my former women’s-studies-reading, college-aged, trial membership into the lesbo sample platter club would love to see this country vote for a woman president. That said, I’ve got a small veggy-burger-beef with the Clinton camp.

What the f–k is the deal with voting for the Clinton campaign song?

For those of you living under a rock for the last several weeks, Hillary has asked for her supporters to pick her theme song. Asking someone else to pick your theme song is like having someone else choose the name of your kid or your favorite puppy. It’s that personal. I’ve always had two things gauge my judgement of a presidential candidate (that is, until the final debate): (1) their theme song, and (2) whom they chose for vice-president.

Perhaps it’s because I’m such a completely geeked-out  music fan that I simply don’t get not picking your own song (BTW, my personal theme song is “She’s a Jar,” by Wilco). I know she’s trying to build consensus and a sense of ownership with her campaign. Hey Hil, you know what’ll work better than a washed-out, pop song from the 80s? Beat the Republican pit bulls to a pulp in a nationally televised debate – and don’t make any apologies when the white, male conservative creeps call you names. Don’t play too nice. That’s what democrats have done for years and I’m sick of it.

Whew, o.k….that said, here’s the list Ms. Thang is currently toying with (roll eyes at any or all you see):

 1. “Suddenly I See,” KT Tunstall

2. “Rock This Country!” Shania Twain (does she mean this country, her native Canada – or in Switzerland where she lives with recluse-freakster, Mutt Lang?)

3. “Beautiful Day,” U2

4. “Get Ready,” The Temptations

5. “I’m a Believer,” Smash Mouth

And here were the ones that Americans actually wrote in as suggestions. I know, I know. It hurts Ms. Mix & Bitch in a place deep inside:

6. “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Lenny Kravitz

7. “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now,” McFadden and Whitehead

8. “Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic,” The Police

9. “You and I” Celine Dion – if she picks this one, I’m voting Republican. Or even worse, a Green Party candidate.

10. “The Best,” Tina Turner – o.k., I actually think Tina is cool.

Please feel to write in to me which ones YOU would choose. If need be, I’ll come up with a perfect mix for the carpet-bagging candidate.




One response to “Running Up that Hill…

  1. young women are so desperate for strong female role models they have latched onto Hillary Chavez…………..big mistake

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