Got Issues?


Ah yes…a new beginning! Welcome to Mix Tape Therapy – an interactive blog where you email me your problems and I’ll give you some advice and a short, theme-related mix to get you through to the other side of salvation. Who am I to be giving advice? Good question. Well, I’m a compassionate smart-ass for one thing…also a former college radio DJ/current mental health counselor/future psychology doctorate candidate.  I don’t know it all – and I’ll never pretend to – but I’m here to listen. Also, perhaps it’s my inner narcissist peaking through her one-sided mirror, but I have always seen my life as if it were a movie. Complete with a kick-ass, original, motion picture soundtrack. Music is my salvation. So perhaps it’ll do the same for you.

So let me have it. I can take it. The (future) doctor is in….post your question(s) in the comment section and I’ll respond in 24 hours. Just like your shrink would…

 Until next time –

Ms. Mix & Bitch


2 responses to “Got Issues?

  1. i am a very forgetful storyteller and, as a result, i am often struck by the realization that i’ve inadvertently lied. somehow, in the middle of guessing at all the parts i’ve forgotten, i say something that is clearly not true, only this clarity comes several hours later. my question is this, doctor: should i confess the true details of the story upon discovery or should i just forget it, taking for granted that people don’t really care so much about the truthfulness of anecdotes? and if your answer is forget it, how can i?

  2. speaking as Caren’s best friend for 20 years. I know no one better to give kick ass advice. You all don’t know how lucky you are!!!

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